Want to take better photos of your kids?


I’ll teach you.

Hi, I’m Jen Wertman. Founder of Momtog Mentors & professional full time family photographer. It became a passion of mine to encourage other Mamas to pull their nice cameras out of their closets and start using them to the best of their ability.

I host FUN mentoring classes to teach the basics on how to take better photos of your kids. In these classes we work on the basic concepts of lighting, composition, and functions of your camera. This workshop is geared towards moms who want to capture life as it stands.

We party near Redlands, CA. We will hold a classroom style teaching and transition to hands-on learning. The time is utilized to encourage you to pull out your camera, get you off of "auto" mode, and it's my goal to leave you leave feeling inspired. It's also a goal to make you feel LOVED and PAMPERED by serving you a full meal. Homemade, organic goodness topped off with a mimosa bar. Why? Because I believe that every mama is a blessing to this world and you deserve it.

Please note* These classes are geared towards moms who want to write love letters to their kiddos. Please visit www.jenwertmanphotos.com for the aspiring photographers needs.

How to achieve MomTog status:

  1. Put your cell phone in your pocket.

  2. Take your “complicated”, nice camera out of your closet.

  3. Attend MomTog class with Jen!

  4. Rock your newly learned skills.



Upcoming Class Dates

MomTog 2.0

MomTog Mentors 2.0 is a class designed for those who have completed the first MomTog class. This class will review full manual mode in attempt to graduate you from aperture priority mode, creative lighting, photographing your kids outside, review on more advanced photography gear, and basic editing in Lightroom.



love shared

True words & photo shares from students who love this course.


Jen G.

“When my husband gifted me a beautiful camera for Christmas I was immediately intimidated by the thought of taking beautiful photos of my family. Taking Jen’s MomTog class completely changed my perspective and my hesitation in taking photos. Her amazing sense of humor and in-depth knowledge of photography made the class enjoyable informational and I am forever grateful for the wealth of knowledge that I received.

Because her classes are small and intimate, you have the opportunity to ask questions and listen to other women going through the same experience and form friendships.”


Kelly A.

“Going into Momtog I had NO idea how to use a DSLR. In fact, I did not even own one at the time. All I knew is that I had a beautiful baby boy & I wanted to capture as many moments of him as I could. My iPhone at this point was not cutting it. A good friend of mine, seeing all the posts of my child, reached out to me & lent me her Sisters DSLR. Back story on that... Her Sister had tragically passed away from cancer & she felt she would have loved her camera being used to document everyday life, the good, the bad, the messy. Having that camera allowed me to take Jen's class without having to buy a DSLR. It was OLD, it was USED and it was not even mine BUT.... The techniques I learned that day allowed me to take some AMAZING photos on that camera & later apply them to my own camera that I purchased shortly after. That is what Momtog teaches you, how to capture those moments that are so unbelieving beautiful and touching but most people would never see unless you know to look. It gives you a community of other Moms that want the same thing & of all the things I can say about this class is this, it gives you INSPIRATION to document your life.Sometimes photos are all we have left at the end. Let's make them good.”


Shelley S.

“I’m so happy I had the opportunity to take this Mom-tog class.  I’m a new mom and own a DSLR camera that I had no idea how to use. After taking the class I feel so much more comfortable using my camera and now I have the skills to capture pictures of my son as he grows up - something I’ll forever cherish!  Jen’s knowledge of photography shines in her class. She makes learning and using a complicated camera easy.  If you’re a new parent, I encourage you to take this class!”

Also, a beautiful blog about the class can be found here.